Sunday, August 28, 2011

2011 Church League Fantasy Draft

Friday night, the guys at church got together to hold the 4th annual Punt, Pass & Praise Fantasy Football draft. For the second year in a row, everyone was present. If some one isn't present, their players are picked proxy, and some one winds up with players they don't want.

During the draft, there were some funny things said:

(Upon seeing that Cleveland wasn't among the top 15 team defenses that were listed on our draft sheet) "I noticed that the Browns defense is conspicuously missing from the list" "I noticed that it is conspicuously missing from the field. Bwhaaa."

"We will finish the draft tomorrow after _____ makes his pick."

"In the time it took you to make that pick, that league over there conducted it's entire draft"

"I don't think those who brought their laptops are really researching player information. They're probably surfing porn between picks."

"(Player's name) is off the board." "Was he really even on it. Hahaha."

"Dude, you've drafted three quarterbacks. Are you rooting for an injury?"

We had a fun time. We went to Frozen Rock Ice Cream afterward. I am way too spoiled by our local ice cream shop. The portions are MUCH bigger for half the price.

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