Friday, April 8, 2011

Flashback Friday #131

Going Bowling

Greetings one and all. Pull up a chair (unless you're the type who likes to stand while they are on the computer) and join me on another look into the past.

Bowling. The very word conjures images of heavy objects and ugly shoes. During my early teens, I did quite a bit of bowling. Both of my parents were in a league at one time or another, so it was just natural that I pick the sport up too.

During my years in Jr. High, a bus from Charger Lanes (in the neighboring county seat) came to the school every Friday to pick up a bunch of us. We were divided into teams and bowled against each other in league action. At the end of the year, we had an awards banquet that was held in the bowling alley's bar (the bar wasn't open at the time we were in it). My first year I received a trophy for high team series. It was due to some teammates of mine having a great day on the same day.

Near the middle of my 8th grade year, the number of bowlers had dwindled. Charger Lanes contacted the school and told them it was no longer profitable to come and pick us up. I can use the real name of the bowling alley because it is no longer in business. The building is gone as well. Where it used to be now sits a donut/ice cream shop and an auto parts store (they are two separate stores. They don't sell ice cream, donuts & spark plugs at the same place).

During the summer between 8th & 9th grade, Dad asked me if I would like to join a father/son league he had heard of in Westerville. I said sure. We got there and filled out the registration and were teamed up with another father/son combo. The dad was older than my dad and the son was older than me. The first week, we bowled to set our handicap.

I must admit, I am somewhat handicapped in my bowling knowledge. I didn't have a clue what handicap was or how it pertained to the game. All I know is that I did lousy that night, therefore obtaining the highest handicap in the league. I can recall one individual commenting "Jeez, They'll beat us in handicap alone".

Due to mechanical issues with our car, and some health issues, we didn't get to finish that league. We missed the final three weeks. It was just as well. I probably would have received a trophy for the worst bowler. Dad got a similar trophy from a league he was in. He also got a trophy for being on the last place team. Here is a picture of what his last place trophy looked like:
Lousy bowling. It must run the the bloodlines.

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