Saturday, November 1, 2014

Flashback Friday #253


Bart Moves Again

Hello, Welcome once again to "Minutia Matinee" where you get to hear about people that you don't know and places that you've never heard of. Today, I'll attempt to entertain you with a tale of horror. My best friend told me that he was moving.

I showed up at school like any other normal day.  I filed into my home room class where Bart is talking to a couple of other kids. He motions me over.

"I was just telling them that my family is moving." said Bart. Were moving to a different town. Dad says our landlord won't do what he's supposed to do so he's not staying another month in that house."

With this information, my heart nearly stops beating. My best friend moving away? Say it ain't so.

After seeing the effect of this bomb that he dropped on the folks that were listening to him, he smiled and said, "We're moving from Marengo back to Sparta." A collective sigh went up. Sparta was still in our school district. Bart was moving away, just moving. They lived in Sparta the first time I went to his house.He was going to live so close to the school that he could walk there. Which to him was a great relief because he had a girl on his bus that he called "Frog" that annoyed him to no end.

I don't mind if my friends move, I just don't like them to move away.

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