Saturday, July 6, 2013

Flashback Friday #238

Were Moving? (Part II)

Hello. It's so nice to have you drop by again. Pull up a seat, grab a snack and lets get going.

In my last post, I told you that I'd give you the description of our new residence. Here comes. For starters, it was a 1972 model (but I can't remember the manufacturer). Since this was 1980, the trailer was only eight years old (I didn't even have to use my fingers for that). It was aqua & white and had a front enterance that led directly into the living room.

As you walk into the living room, the first thing that catches your attention is the orange shag carpet. The carpet in the old house was a gray berber, so this took some getting used to. The living room had a pop-out section that made it wider than the rest of the trailer. As you look up, and to the right, there is a series of small windows in a raised section of the roof, kind of like a small skylight. To the left, there's a huge mirror on the wall (to make it look bigger?)

The kitchen was on the left as you walked in. The same aqua that was on the outside is also on the inside on the refrigerator and stove. A tiffany lamp hangs from the ceiling where the table was to be. There was an air conditioner unit in the kitchen. This was the first time we had ever had air conditioning.

As you walked through the living room and entered the hallway, my bedroom was the first door on the right. It was less than half the size of my old room. I could extend my arms and touch the side of my bed and the other wall, which was a built in closet with two sets of two drawers beneath it. I would be going from a double bed down to a twin size. However, the twin size bed was actually a set of bunkbeds.

The next room on the right was the bathroom. Guess what? More aqua,. All the fixtures (sink, tub & toilet) were aqua. The washer & dryer also went here.

Across from the bathroom door was the "back door". I guess it was built like this in case someone fouled the bathroom so bad, that it needed to be aired out. Don't laugh, we actually did that a time or two.

Lastly came mom & dad's room. They had a series of built in shelves/dressers on one side and their clost on the other.There was also room for their double bed. A second air conditioning unit sat in their window. With both units on, that tin can stayed pretty cool. Seeing that they rarely slept with their door shut in the old house (seeing that they didn't have one), keeping thier door open at night wasn't a problem.

It was going to be a chore fiting all the stuff from our house into that trailer. It was going to be such a chore that it never was finished. The old house became a large "storage shed".

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