Friday, May 18, 2012

Flashback Friday #186

She Did What?!?!

Hello to all my loyal reader and all of you who just happened to stumble upon my rantings.

When we last met, My neighbor had been carted off by the sheriff for cultivating marijuana and I had a large branch from one of the plants in my bedroom, thanks to another neighbor. What's a nice kid like me doing with weed? Mostly hiding it so I don't get into trouble, because I was an angel (just ask my Mom).

Before the branch had fully dried, Sneaky wanted to know if he could take it to a friend's house. She lived up the road & around the corner. She was good friends with Justa and he had bragged about what could be done if she was under chemical influence. Sneaky wanted to find out. I let him have it, along with two bottles of Little Kings that we had found in a ditch. I also loaned him some of my records.

Seeing that the Crook boys were notorious liars, in addition to taking anything that wasn't nailed down, I wasn't so sure that what Justa was bragging about truly happened. Even if Sneaky told me the same thing, I probably wouldn't have believed it either. If they told me my shirt was on fire, I'd have to take a look first.

Sneaky brought my records back (in retrospect, I find that quite amazing) and simply said that he and Donna had fun. That made me assume that nothing happened between them. Had it, Sneaky would have talked my leg off about it.

What I didn't know was that Donna wasn't a normal teen. She had some real problems. I didn't know her too well because she ran with a more wilder crowd than I did. She was also constantly in trouble with her parents. Perhaps it had something to do with having boys, booze & drugs in the house while they were at work.

About a week after Sneaky had gone to Donna's house, tragedy struck. About 3AM the neighborhood was awakened from sleep by the screaming of sirens racing by. Not only was it a fire engine, but also an emergency squad and the sheriff's cruiser. Turns out, Donna and her parents had gotten into a huge fight that night. After everyone went to bed, Donna got out of bed and set the house on fire!

Fortunately, her parents only suffered smoke inhalation and otherwise were unharmed. Donna was arrested. She was never seen here again. Rumor had it that she was placed under psychiatric care in a juvenile detention center. She was troubled before I ever had anything to do with her, but I still feel bad about contributing to her troubles.

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