Sunday, April 22, 2012

OSU Spring Game

Saturday I, and four other friends, made the trek to Columbus to attend the OSU Srping Game. The weather wasn't what we were hoping for (chilly & damp) but we had a good time nonetheless.
Of course, you can't have college football without the marching band. In the end zone sat TBDBITL.
I didn't know until after the game that my lens had a smudge on it. If there's the least amount of sunlight (which yesterday was the least amount of sunlight), you can barely see the screen. Nevertheless, these pictures cannot be replaced, so I'll just have to live with the results.
There was some good football played. OSU's starting QB, Braxton Miller led the Scarlet Team. Back-up QB Kenny Guyton led the Gray Team. Head Coach Urban Meyer has said that all positions were up for grabs and he'll play the best players. There were guys trying to impress the coach yesterday.
The final score was 20-14 with Team Scarlet being victorious. On a cold, damp day, the announced attendance was 81,112. To compare that number, Boston College had an attendance of 275 for their Spring Game.
There were signs posted that said "NO PASS OUT". I guess no matter how excited you are at being at the game, you're not allowed to faint. Seeing that there was one of us in the party that had NEVER been to the Horseshoe, He had a hard time obeying the signs.

I sent this pic to NinjaJohn. I added the tag "I couldn't find Butthead Hall". He sent the message back "LOLZ, but the didn't spell Beavis right".

At dinner, I amazed the guys by balancing my silverware several times. I told them this drives my wife crazy.

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