Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Surfing the Net Again

It's Sooooo good to be back. My wife had issues with some of the dietary restrictions, I missed the Internet the most. My first day back was spent on Cheezburger, getting caught up on who needed what to finish the collectible sets (since they have ended, and trading lasts only until April 15). The last picture that I captioned before the fast made homepage on "Set Phasers to LOL"
Anyone Want to Trade?

While I was away, I got a couple of handyman projects finished. We had been wanting to replace our solid utility closet door with a louvered door. Since the duct work for upstairs runs through this closet, its HOT in the winter and Cold in the summer. Noe it's just right and the hallway around it is more comfortable. I found the door at the Habitat For Humanity Resale Store for $20. We were invited to a Pamper Chef party the following day. My wife asked if I was going. I told her that I was hanging that door before I did anything. I finished hanging it at 12:15 and the party was at 1. I went.

I also made a small shelf for my wife to put her seasonal clothing on. Since the Christmas sweaters and such are worn for a short period of time, she didn't want them taking up closet rod space. I took some pine 1x12's I had and fashioned this shelf:

Saturday marked the first tournament for the Jr Bible quizzers. I've been head scorekeeper for the last dozen or so years. I was a little worried about being scheduled to work that Saturday since my vacation request for the Friday before or the Monday after had both been denied. I didn't have to work, so I put in seven hours at the quiz. I was especially excited since this is the first year that "The Boy" was quizzing. His team finished tied for fifth and he was Honorable Mention All-Tournament Team with a 46 point per quiz average.

Sunday, I told one of the folks at church that I had fruit for breakfast. They looked puzzled until I explained that it was "forbidden fruit" of the Daniel fast: Donuts, chocolate & Diet Coke (sounds like the breakfast of champions). We also went to "The Ogre's" house after church to celebrate her birthday and "The Girl's" birthday, which was earlier in the week. Mmmm cake.

Tonight we went out to a local steakhouse that has half price burgers on Tuesdays. It smelled wonderful in there. My burger looked wonderful. It tasted wonderful. I'm such a carnivore.

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MotherT said...

I wish I could have gotten a picture of your face as you bit into your burger last night! You had a look of sheer bliss!