Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Family That's Weird Together

Everyone has some weird idiosyncrasies. Don't read this and say "I never do anything weird" because deep down, you know you do.

One of the weird things that is done around here is the tussle about who gets the little curlicue at the top of a new tub of margarine. A big production is made about it. I tease the Ogre all the time when I get it.

She sent me this picture the other day.

The message that accompanied it said "Oh I'll do it too!" It's fun being weird, especially when you know that it is being passed on.


MotherT said...

What's really funny is that this is only one of the weird things being passed along! There's, also, the silverware balancing that a certain 10 yr. old is doing because of you. And the 2 yr. old that tells people to get their nose out of their cup!

Just think of all the weirdness!

Mrs Lemon said...

I killed the new jelly the other day. Chris didn't believe me that it would spread better so I killed it DEAD to prove my point.