Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Need To Be Careful Or I Might Get Penalized.

Many of you are aware of the fact that THE Ohio State Buckeyes put a whooping on the team up north again (37-7 final score). I did not see the game, but I listened to it in it's entirety on the flagship home of Buckeye sports.

The Buckeyes played in throwback uniforms that honored the 1942 OSU team that won the National Championship (of which 8 of them are still alive and were in attendance). These uniforms were designed by Nike and (I assume) OK'ed by the NCAA (if they weren't OK'ed, how were they able to use them?). I've read that a lot of people think the flag patch was sewn on backwards. It is the military version. When the cavelry charged, the standard bearer carried the flag on a pole. This is what it looked like while charging into battle. The USA was in a war in 1942 for those of you who don't know history too well.

The thing that gets me is that OSU was called for excessive celebration after scoring. The gloves are designed to form a "Block O" when brought together.

This is excessive celebration? Where are the penalty flags when Oregon (currently ranled at #1 in the BCS poll) does the exact same thing? No flags either on the Gator chomp, Longhorn hook 'em, Alabama A, Seminole tomahawk chop, etc. Do the refs actually have it out for OSU? Perhaps I shouldn't ask that. I might get hit with a "Questioning the authority of the referees" foul. That's half the distance to the goal & automatic first down.

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Krishana said...

I, too, was highly frustrated about this. Why buy cool gloves if they cannot be used to full advantage without penalty? I am new to the football world, but this struck me as completely ridiculous.
Thanks for sharing more history on the costumes. I thought the vintage look added an especially festive touch to the day.