Friday, April 9, 2010

Flashback Friday #82

Camping out in the backyard

A warm greeting to those who have entered into my little patch of blogsphere. The weather around here has been wonderful and it got me thinking about camping out in the backyard.

We camped out frequently when I was young. The problem was, we never owned a tent. How do you camp out without a tent, you ask? You use your neighbor's tent.

One year we set up The Butcher boys tent up in our backyard (ours was bigger) in late April/ Early May. We were never allowed to spend school nights out there but Fridays & Saturdays were OK. That tent stayed up until late October. It made a dandy place to hide if you wanted some solitude because it had been up so long, it just became part of the scenery.

Another time our one of neighbors a few doors up set up a tent in their backyard. I got to know them very well. That tent, however was knocked down by the brothers roughhousing in it, and their parents wouldn't let them set it back up.

The one time we were going to go back to the creek to camp out, Sir Gattabout & his friends snuck back and scared the bejebbers out of us. From then on, we felt it was safer to camp in the backyard since our parents could hear everything that was going on.

Were you a fan of backyard camping, or did you prefer to rough it out in the woods?


Mrs Lemon said...

I'm not a camping fan, but I had a dream about camping last night. It was cold in my dream. Lo and behold, it was cold in my house too :)

By the by, you spelled Pinky wrong in your sidebar. It looks like pink eye when you first glance at it. :)

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I am all over backyard camping and running water inside an air conditioned house!

Great story! I no my dad has some that are very similar... he, too, had an older brother who loved to scare him!

Mrs. NB