Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dad and his babies

Last night we went to my parents house to return thier car. I got there first with "The Boy" in tow. Lady Nottaguy-TYG arrived about 2 minutes later, with "The Girl". My parents had been asking how "The Girl" had been doing, since they hadn't seen her in a while. When I heard my wife pull up, I went outside to carry in our grand daughter. Mom & Dad were thrilled to see her. Their dog CoCo didn't know what to think about her. According to Mom, he has never been around a baby. Here is a picture of Dad holding his babies:

The dog pictured is the same one that made himself at home in Dad underwear. CoCo hovered around her just like Sparky does. My folks were amazed at how much she has grown and how well she is walking. They had such a good time together.

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