Friday, February 7, 2014

Flashback Friday #249

Starting 11th Grade

Greetings to all and welcome back.

In today's post, I become an upperclassman. 11th grade was a good year for me. The vast majority of my older antagonist has graduated and a fresh start awaited me. Plus I had a good core of friends that also were returning.

When we were making out our schedules in the spring of our Sophomore year, I told Bart to try to pull a fast one on the office staff. Bart had taken Home Ec. I in his Sophomore year. I had taken Home Ec. I in my Freshman year and Home Ec. II in my Sophomore year. I told him to put down Home Ec. III on his schedule so we could be in the same class. He did, and we got to be in the same class, even though he hadn't taken Home Ec. II. Toni and Carol were also in that class with us.

Bart and I had most of our classes together. We were still "Best Friends" (at least in my mind) and liked a lot of the same things. He had recently started going with a girl he went to church with named Cheryl. She was a senior at our school and a cousin to his ex-girlfriend, Dawn. She was different than most of the other girls, except for Dawn, as she always dressed in skirts and dresses. Some of the other girls occasionally wore skirts, but she and Dawn wore them ALL the time.

Even though I had my driver's license, I still rode the bus to school (bummer). Seeing that we were down to only one car, as Dad's green Cadillac had bitten the dust, my parents needed it to get back and forth to work in Westerville. Since I was one of the "older" kids on the bus, I hung out at the back. The 40 minute ride to school and the hour & half ride home was still the same.

There were wonderful things awaiting for me this coming year. The MOST wonderful thing that happened will be discussed in my next post.